I have been perplexed these days by the inability of our nation’s leaders to compromise for the greater good.

No, this is not a political article or a “He vs. She” commentary. You know the old saying, “He said that she said that he had…” That’s what the sound bytes remind me of when I listen to current political rhetoric. Sounds to me like all ‘ego talking’ and no ‘heart listening.’

From my point of view, when it comes to playing King of the Mountain in Washington there is no doubt the testosterone levels are off the charts. What has happened to collaboration, to compassion, to reason? This is not “Monday Morning Quarterbacking.” Some plain common sense would be nice right about now.

We are dealing with human lives, human fears and hopes, not a game of “King of the Mountain.” In times of crisis, partnership – not polarization – will bring back the spirit of “Self-interest rightly understood” that DeTocqueville in the 1840’s declared was America’s great virtue when he wrote Democracy in America.

It’s time to add the God-given talents of women – nurturing, holistic and healing – to preserve the American Dream.

Washington: Open your ears and heart, and close your mouth. Take a chance on philanthropy – real and honest philanthropy – the love of humankind.