Praise for Margaret May and her Workshops, Keynote Speaking and book,  “Women, Wealth and Giving.”

I so appreciate your wisdom and willingness to share your experiences. — Sam

You are an inspiration to women! — JoAnna

What a gift you are to all who are privileged to hear you. I am so inspired by your talk, your walk, your musical talent and your generosity. — Carolyn

Thank you for your wonderful presentation last week at the AiP conference. Your message, your preparation, and your presence were all key ingredients in creating what Mary called ‘the best ever.’ — Scott

I enjoyed our short time together…you have an intriguing history; fascinating! — Pam

You have inspired how we think about our approach to women and our opportunity to help them create a legacy. — Melanie, Marge & John

You are a wonderful speaker and a very inspirational person. You speak from experience and I believe you really want people to truly understand you and feel what you are feeling. I believe that you really have a strong desire to reach out and help others to fulfill their dreams in life. — Wendy

You are truly an inspiration to all of us. — The Board of PPP Miami-Dade

I feel blessed to have the opportunity to know you and work with you. We are very fortunate that you are lending your expertise and guiding us at the Foundation. — Rachel

Thank you for inspiring me to do and be better. Since I attended the AHP conference, I’ve returned to work (and life) with a renewed spirit. I have had several ‘resonating in my soul’ moments since the conference, causing me to think and feel deeper about my work and my life. — Renee

Women, Wealth, and Giving is much more than a book on philanthropy. It reaches to the soul and addresses life’s purpose. Women at every stage of their life will find this book both fascinating and rewarding. — G. Roger Schoenhals, Founder and Editor, Planned Giving Today

Women, Wealth, and Giving is an inspirational must-have book. — Sherron Long, President, Creating Executive Options, Inc.

This book (Women, Wealth, and Giving) goes to ‘the heart of the matter.’ It would make a great present for key donors or clients. — Philip Cubeta, CLU, ChFC, MSFS, CAP, Sallie B. and William B. Wallace Chair of Philanthropy, The American College

This book (Women, Wealth, and Giving) is both an inspiration to boomer women and a wonderful acknowledgement of the transformational role they have served in both the growth and diversity of philanthropy today. — Ellen Remmer, President/CEO, The Philanthropic Initiative, Inc.