If you are a strategic giver, you probably don’t wait until the end of the year to make your gifts. A true partnership with an organization means that you give year-round and you have a plan as to how much you give and why.

You are a voluntary philanthropist and you use the “REAL” test each time you make a donation of your time, talent or treasure.

R: Is my gift Relevant to my values?

E: Is my gift one that Engages the heart and well as the mind – does it connect to my passion?

A: Can I take Action and is there Accountability from the organization for the impact of my gift?

L: Can I Leverage my contribution of time, talent and treasure with others to make a greater impact in the community for the need identified? Does taking action help me live the life that will be my Legacy of values and valuables?

Next time you’re thinking about making a gift, take the “REAL” test!