When your philanthropy is an expression of your values, vision and voice, you’re living by the Three Principles of Abundance – power, purpose and passion. With this mind-set you’re confident knowing how and why you give, and you reject the fear of scarcity.

For many of us today, abundance is the wealth we recognize from within our soul, as well as the energy we celebrate in word, deed and action.

Moreover, Dr. Sherry Buffington, author of The Law of Abundances, says “Ultimately it is the happiness, contentment, and a deep sense of satisfaction that are the true measures of abundance.”

So, whether you give one dollar or one million dollars, you’ll take pride knowing that your philanthropic decisions are made from the abundance of your soul and not just by material means.

Steps to Realize the Abundance Within You

Here are 10 Steps I’ve created to cultivate the Three Principles of Abundance in your life on a daily basis.

  1. Spend time alone and listen to the songs in your heart.
  2. Acknowledge your ability and freedom to be a voluntary philanthropist by moving out of your giving comfort zone by making a commitment to a “stretch gift.”
  3. Create a mental mantra of your vision for a better world to remind you of your empowerment to make a difference.
  4. Talk to family and friends about your philanthropic goals; share with them your mission statement and help them craft one of their own.
  5. Be prepared to face some disappointment in order to more abundantly reap the rewards of your risk to make a difference.
  6. Recognize fear and uncertainty as healthy emotions that when properly channeled will build your confidence in making philanthropic decisions.
  7. Make a resolution to live your mission statement each day by word, thought and deed.
  8. Give yourself permission to enjoy the journey and be open to listen with you heart to the stories that surround you as you travel.
  9. Keep a journal.
  10. Remember that you can never do a kindness too soon or too often.