The everyday chatter of economic discontent, political debacle, and media dooms-day predictions makes even the most Pollyanna heart heavy. Negative energy begets worrisome thoughts, meaningless words, and selfish deeds.

Our dark times hide the joy of philanthropic TLC — the synergy of Trust, Leverage and Capital that philanthropy embraces. TLC provides the foundation for community and the “Ace up the philanthropic sector’s sleeve” to effect change for a more harmonious and balanced world.

The definition of an energetic and thriving community is one that openly demonstrates an abundance of trust, the collective leverage of financial, human and intellectual capital, and an innovative network of social capital working to focus on ways to promulgate the love of humankind in thought, word, and deed. It is the interdependence of TLC that can build bridges of trust, foster respect among communities, and opens doors to a culture that is more inclusive of diverse social, economic, religious and political ideology.

Often, when individuals address in meaningful ways the needs for the greater good in their community, they also find peace, happiness, self-satisfaction and a joyful heart. Of the three sectors, nonprofit, corporate, and government, the nonprofit philanthropic sector has the capability to closely monitor the pulse of society and the capacity to more readily discern and respond to society’s most urgent needs for a sustainable and vibrant community.

Let’s give the philanthropic community a chance to quiet the dreary chatter and lift a heavy heart.

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