Bookmark: The Female Vision by Sally Helgesen and Julie Johnson

There seems to be a plethora of books about the positive virtues of seeing and interpreting the current state-of-the-world from a women’s point of view. The authors recognize that we are approaching a tipping point of a change of leadership style in all three sectors of society — corporate, government and nonprofit (sometimes referred to as the third sector).

If one believes, as I and many of my colleagues do, that society’s moral compass no longer points due north, the principles set forth in this book provide a road map to get us back on course. In fact, one of the three principles, “Women’s tendency to analyze information in a broader social context,” is germane to advancing philanthropic leadership. This is especially relevant if one subscribes to the philosophy so well articulated by Robert L. Payton, the former director of the Center of Philanthropy at Indiana University. He says that the third sector “is the principal means by which our ethics and values shape the society in which we live.”

To learn more about how the power of a women’s way of seeing can change your life, your community, and the culture of the organizations where you work or volunteer, this book is a must read.

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